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Copy-trade & Reward

Byproviding exchange APIs, anyone has the opportunity to be elected as a manager by BlablaBlock DAO.
BlablaBlock conducts votes every other Wednesday at UTC 0, and opens a new round of investment and settlement of rewards for the previous round 24 hours later. After the vote ends, BlablaBlock calculates the follow weight for each manager based on their vote percentage and pnl volatility over the past 60 days. All existing investment positions are then converted to the new manager’s position.
There are three types of rewards: Manager Performance Incentives, Manager Verification Incentives, and Referral Program Rewards.
  1. 1.
    Fund Management Reward: If you are selected as a manager and the DAO makes money, you can earn Fund Management Reward based on how much profit is generated.
  2. 2.
    Manager Validation Reward: If the manager you voted for makes money, you can earn Manager Validation Reward, which will increase based on the manager’s earnings.
  3. 3.
    Referral Program Rebate: Invite your friends to join BlablaBlock using your referral code and purchase $BLA tokens. You can share 100% of the management fee with them.
BlablaBlock uses a unique reward system to encourage managers to work hard to make money and DAO members to validate managers seriously.