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How BlablaBlock works?

A triple win mechanism where enables BlablaBlock users, managers and the platform to create value.
BlablaBlock is led by managers who are voted by all users.
Anyone who uses API to link with the exchange has the opportunity to become a manager of BlablaBlock. DAO members will review the trading performance and vote for managers biweekly. The DAO treasury will do copy-trading and follow the managers' trading movement.

Why "triple win"?

DAO members vote for capable managers and make profit for DAO through the managers' operations:
  • The managers can receive performance rewards.
  • The DAO member who voted for the profitable manager can also receive performance rewards.
  • As the native token $BLA price is pegged to the treasury value, when the DAO treasury earns money and the treasury value rises, the $BLA price will also increase.